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By: Lynn Green

Do you all recall a few years ago when Chaka Khan’s son got off after killing a young man? She appeared in Essence Magazine, etc. where she discussed it. Well, her son may have gotten off but he just lost a lawsuit pertaining to the case. I DO find it odd that Chaka would be part of this lawsuit, though! She did not kill anyone. And I hope she wins on appeal.

Los Angeles newspaper Daily Breeze is reporting that Chaka Khan and her son Damien Holland have been ordered to pay more than $1.3 million to the family of a teen who was killed in their home following a dispute in 2004.

According to court records, Superior Court Judge Bob Hight approved a default judgment against them in November for more than $1.3 million, plus interest, after Khan and Holland failed to respond to the lawsuit.

Khan’s manager, Tammy McCrary, said Friday that the singer never received the lawsuit and knew nothing about the judgment.

The family of 17-year-old Christopher Bailey filed a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit against Khan and Holland, 29, after a jury acquitted Holland of Bailey’s murder in May 2006.

Holland shot Bailey in the face with an M-16 assault rifle on Sept. 24, 2004. During the trial, Holland admitted he had a friend punch him in the face and initially lied to the police to make it seem as if Bailey attacked him. He also testified he was upset because Bailey was having an affair with his girlfriend, but that the gun went off accidentally.


Hey Chaka, won’t you tell┬áme something good?


  1. Stop the madness! That explains why she is in Oprah’s play, The Color Purple and touring like crazy these days. Wow!

  2. I don’t understand why Chaka was being sued either because her son isn’t a minor nor was he one when it happened.

    However, I don’t believe her son should get off one bit!

  3. The suit probably involved Chaka because the incident took place on her property.

  4. @ 2thehilt your right about Khan being sued for the incident taking place on her property.

  5. Yeah, I remember it happened at her property, so they probably went after her as the homeowner or the one with the homeowner’s policy.

  6. Well that explains it! She may end up having to pay.

  7. If she does have to pay out 1.3 million, she had better get in tight with Tyler Perry ’cause it’s going to take more than The Color Purple to stack up The Color Green!

  8. Gurl, Don’t sleep on The Color Purple… those tix average about $85 for a regular (not Orchestra) seat. I also saw that they had a casting call for new choir members in the play. The ad gave some insight into how much money those folks make and let’s just say, I’m ready to take some voice lessons. :)

  9. I caught the play last June when Fantasia was starring in it. She was phenomenal! Our tickets were $116 + fees, so you are difinitely right about it being a cash cow.

  10. @divawidfevah: Late last year I caught an interview of Chaka on AOL Black Voices. She was already complaining about doing the show, said something about she’s not the type of woman that likes to keep to a schedule. She said she was thrilled to be part of the cast but couldn’t wait for it to be over, now this was even before she began.

  11. I guess she had no choice but to buckle down as they say because she needs the money. She was also touring very close to the time that she was to appear in the play. She did 2 shows here in NYC the week before and I heard that she does some sporadic performances here and there.