You all are NOT going to believe this! Southern Belle, Ms. Gilbow looks a little tipsy in this video where she “raps” the “n” word over and over again with a cute little twinkle in her eye! Giddy as a goose in heat as she chuckles and clucks for the camera:



NOW….check out the cute little Southern Belle claiming she is shocked and confused about the racist rant of her “boys”:

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I have never understood the obsession that some people have with race. From sun up to sun down, certain people just meditate on all issues regarding race.

That’s a form a bondage. Can you imagine every waking moment, your actions towards others being dictated on what race people are? This V. Stiviano gal is one who is race obsessed. She is no better than her sugar daddy, Donald Sterling.

TMZ has gotten a video of her obsessing over wealthy blacks. This type of person is damaged.