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I’m sorry that this man feels a need to brag on his money. It is a low class thing to do. However, I’m happy that he won’t retire broke.

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Can you believe this mess? I KNOW that there was some serious money on the line with this Superbowl. People were gambling big time. But this nonsense with the lights out….I wonder how long that was planned out? And who was paid? Interesting that once the Ravens were in place to demolish SF, all of a sudden the lights went out to give them the opportunity to pull it together. It was like a boxer being given extra time to recover.

WE WON ANYWAY! Okay? As a native of Baltimore, I really don’t appreciate what happened. CONGRATS Ravens. You EARNED this!

As a child, I LOVED these guys. My older siblings would turn the television to the Globetrotters every time they were on. There was always anticipation in our home when there was a hint that they would be on t.v.

It’s black history month….but we should honor those who have made history all the time, not during a certain month.

Happy that the Globetrotters are still going strong! They have been around as an organization since the early 1900’s. I’m so happy they have endured and wish them many more years of positivity and entertainment.