Note from Lynn:  This response from LaVon Stennis Williams is from an article I wrote some time ago (2008 to be exact). GO HERE to view the original article.


Hello All, I am LaVon Stennis William and for the last five years I have been afraid to google my name for fear of this article.

Everyone including potential employers told me about it. In fact it seems that each time I tried to move forward, this article by Hicktown Press would surface. The article has been used by some to close doors and set up further barriers to my re-entry efforts.

So after yesterday 11/19/13, and yet another run in with this article, I decided to face my fears, and google me, and yep there was this article facing me right in the face– so I read it and now I get a chance to respond.

Yes I was disbarred and sentenced to federal prison. I settled the case in full with the client, accepted my responsibility, served my prison sentence and while in prison was able to help so many women. Many of these women were the actual faces of the War on Drugs that most of us only heard about on t.v. or read about in the news paper.

Many of these women were mothers who would not be able to
see their children for many years because they were poor and their families
could not afford to travel . I helped these women to earn their GED’s and
develop plans for how they would overcome their situation.

The program that I developed became so popular that it was copied by the prison to be used at the men’s facility across the street. Upon my release in 2010, I turned the program into ReConnect2 Success, a re-entry program and have now helped over 500 men and women to overcome employment and other barriers in life. I have expanded the services to now serve youth and the sad part is that I often serve both the parent and the child.

Now as to the other stuff in this article, yes I was sued by Billy Roy Tyler,
and so was anyone else with a pulse in Omaha. In fact he has filed so many frivolous suits that he must now get permission from the Courts to file.

The case in question was thrown out along with the other 1,000 plus suits he has filed. I never took his money. It was a ploy on his part to get back a home he had sold. And yes I was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at the time of my criminal indictment a matter that the President Barbara McKinzie asked that I keep between she and I until she was ready to tell the other members. I had worked on several projects at the request of Barbara and then I learned that she was intending to take credit for the work that I had done as a basis to get the Directorate or Board of Directors to pay her $250,000. I knew that our governing documents did not allow such payments. She tried to get me to come up with a way
for her to get the money and I refused.

As a member of the Foundation Board, I learned of a $100,000 transfer of funds back from AKA to EAF that had been ordered by Barbara, but the money had never showed back up on the books of EAF so I confronted her and she leaked the story of my indictment to other members under the guise that she did not know. In my efforts to defend myself to the members that Barbara did know and the reason why she was now disclosing my indictment, I shared the information I knew about her antics
to numerous members. I was getting calls daily after I was suspended.

Any or many of the members could have created the M.R. person mentioned in this article. I WAS NEVER PAID BY AKA TO INVESTIGATE THIS MATTER. Well this all hit at the same time I was fighting for the freedom which felt like the fight for my life. Since I was no longer practicing law, I did not have the money to fight this so Barbara and AKA won. But that was not the end of the story. Barbara is now being sued by AKA for taking over a million dollars. You can google her name and the story of the suit comes up.

Now as to this article, its not as bad as many made me to fear, and I cant
understand why some people put so much stock in it. I have never met ” Lynn Green” and have always suspected that Barbara got her medial friend M , to write this article. M and I never had a good relationship in AKA, but I have to give her credit, she knew her way around social media and public relations. She was very good at this. In any event, Lynn Green if you are real, I hope that you will not stop with the Strange Case of LaVon Stennis Williams, your readers, followers deserve to hear how the story ended and I am willing to tell it to you I may be reached at ( 402) 740——-[phone number removed by Lynn Green for safety of Ms. Williams]  or

I’m sometimes wrong when I think I’ve smelled a rat. And I HOPE my rat smelling skills have failed me this time.

As you have heard, a white woman is claiming that some black teen boys shot her IN THE LEG while shooting her baby IN THE HEAD.

Why would they leave the threat alive while brutally killing an innocent who cannot chase them, call the cops on them, etc.?

Again, I hope my rat smelling skills are off this time:

A woman says she was taking her 13-month-old son for a walk in this Georgia town when they were approached by two boys who demanded money, then fatally shot her boy and wounded her.
“He said, ‘I’m gonna kill you if you don’t give me your money,’ and I said, ‘I swear, I don’t have any,’” Sherry West told CNN affiliate WAWS. “I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me and he shot my baby right in the head.”


Bishop I.V. Hilliard of New Light Church in Houston deserves credit for not taking part in a farce. Hilliard was chosen to help select a new pastor for Zachery Tims’ church.

Check this out:

“I was asked to be a part of a four bishop council, a committee of four bishops that would give wisdom and council and guidance to the board during their selection process,” Hilliard said.

In a special announcement, Hilliard spoke openly about his decision.
“Now after being involved for some time in the process, I have decided to resign my position in this bishop’s council. Now my commitment to integrity will not allow me to support something that I believe is deceptive and that compromises previously agreed upon procedures and protocol.” source

In other words, the “council” was formed as a smokescreen. Truth of the matter is, the powers that be— probably ruled by the devil himself, already knew who the new pastor would be prior to putting together this bishop council. Hilliard decided not to join in on the smoke and mirrors dog-and-pony show and good for him!

I would like to know where God is in all this. Was He sought? Obviously not. So another wolf, another snake, is going to slither up into the pulpit in Zachery Tims’ place and continue the conniving, slick method of “preaching” and “teaching” that he was famous for—all while enjoying the “powdery substance” that ultimately took him out of here.
Heaven help us!