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The Mickey-Dees loving brother needs to win an award for his efforts. Did you hear him talking about his Big Mac? He should get a commercial out of this! I formally induct him into Hicktown’s Hero category.

I love to see young’ns handling their business and hitting the books.  I especially love to see the children of wealthy parents EARN THEIR OWN and not sit around relying on the good fortunes of their parents for their survival.

Having said that, TWO THUMBS UP to the handsome, Justin Combs (son of Sean, Diddy Combs) for the following:

a. This young man has a 3.7 GPA that he EARNED and did not waste the education at his prep school in NY.

b.  No controversy around this young man. You don’t see him getting locked up or seen sneaking into clubs doing drugs and hanging on to skanks.

c.  He kept himself  busy on the field as well as in the classroom by playing sports.

d.  He was so good at playing football that SEVERAL teams attempted to recruit him.  He has won a FULL scholarship to UCLA and accepted.

Justin, IGNORE the haters who claim you need not accept the money due to having wealthy parents. IGNORE THEM!  You EARNED that scholarship and it is NOT based on need. It is on merit.

Go on with your bad self.

I formally bestow upon Justin Combs Hicktown’s HERO AWARD.

Now do great things!

Two thumbs up. Miss Kizzie has earned a place in our Hicktown Heroes section. More mothers and fathers need to turn in their wayward children and STOP cloaking their dirt. Matter of fact, Judge Mathis talks about how his own mother would turn in her sons for criminal activity and he encourages parents to do so.