She apparently fancied herself a porn star, as she took on 4 students at a time and even had someone to film it. What sends such people into the depths of such freakiness? A life void of God.

Two students testified that text messages with Colleps quickly turned sexual. Evidence showed that Colleps had group sex with the students at least twice, including a videotaped encounter with four of them, the Star-Telegram writes in its detailed account of the “salacious trial.”

Colleps’ husband of nine years, Christopher, who is in the military, tearfully acknowledged that he and his wife had engaged in group sex.

He testified the sexcapades with the students, which occurred at the couple’s home in the spring of 2011, happened when he was stationed away from the Arlington area. The Star-Telegram doesn’t indicated his service branch, where he was stationed or whether he was deployed overseas.

He said that he had seen the videotape and that what she did was “morally and ethically wrong,” but not illegal. He said that what happened was “between me and her and God.”

He said their children began crying when he told them “mommy did some bad things and made some bad choices and … might have to go away.”


This freak has been raping children for YEARS. A jury has found him GUILTY and so I’m happy that at least a few more children will be spared. LINK

Check out this pervert’s “sermon” about blacks, which shows his obsession. I find it odd that he found time to obsess on black folks in between his predatory behavior of seeking out and destroying little white girls.

We spend a great deal of time exposing freaky, criminal “pastors” and “ministers” but not nearly enough time exposing the “teachers” who target youth.

GO HERE and pull up the list of alleged freaky teachers who have been arrested and/or convicted of having sex with people’s children. Can you imagine your 12 or 13 or 14 year old child engaged in sick activities with a pedophile? Obviously such “teachers” are emotionally disturbed and mentally weak minded to go after children. They are also immature.

What scares me though is that they could be diseased with herpes or some other “can’t get rid of” mess. If so and if they pass that mess on to a child, that child has to live the rest of his or her life with a disease given to him/her by a so called “teacher”.

I’d like to see these pedophiles spend a loooooooong time in jail, as they are dangerous.

In spite of the fact that now fired music “teacher” Anne Lynn Montgomery had TWO babies by a then teenager, she is claiming rape to explain how it happened. Rape? She had TWO children by this teenager—-who was 15 when it all started. Rape? Huh?

I am forced to start a new category: Freaky Teachers

Congrats to Ms. Montgomery, as she has become our first entrant into the category