“Apostle” Albert A. Young has been accused of freakish and perverted behaviors with a special needs family member. Too sick to even think about:

Young was with his niece in the ministry office on the evening of Aug. 12 when he made her sit in his lap and began touching her sexually, putting his hands inside the girl’s pants, fondling her buttocks and kissing her neck, according to a police affidavit obtained yesterday by the Daily News.
Young continued to touch the girl, at one point pressing and rubbing his clothed genitals against her and taking her hand to make her touch him, the document says.
When he was finished, the document says, the pastor warned the girl not to tell anybody about it.

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The fact that loser and apparent misogynist, Ray J is on a torture campaign against Kim Kardashian is of no surprise. He is clearly a disturbed individual who will never have any true peace or fame.

Let’s back up a bit. I am no fan of Kim Kardashian one way or the other. I neither like nor dislike her. She has no place in my life. In fact, she could be named Kim Jones or Kim Smith for all I care. This is not about her as an individual. It’s about her as a human being who has the right to happiness without being stalked and tormented by a sociopathic bully.

Here is what is going on. Everyone knows that years ago, Kim made a horrible error. She dated RayJ, a loser and misfit who appears to have a disdain for women. That was her first error. Next, she allowed herself to be videotaped during a sexual encounter.

Once they broke up, this loser RayJ decided to peddle the tape in some type of bizarre desire to gain fame at her expense. What normal man would want the world to see him in such an encounter?

That takes me to his parents. Sonja Norwood and Willie Norwood. What did/do they think of their son splashing his butt and penis all over the internet? And what was their reaction when he was pondering becoming the peddler/producer of porn (beyond the Kardashian tape)?

I do know that Ms. Norwood once sued Kim Kardashian and her case was dismissed. PRESS HERE for details

I also know that there are some serious issue in the Norwood family. At the very bottom of this article is a video tape of a man who claims to be the son of Mr. Norwood (Ray J and Brandy’s half brother). He talks about the fact that when he called the home, Mrs. Norwood hung up on him and Mr. Norwood never bothered to call back.  DNA tests PROVED that Willie Norwood IS in fact the father, so the man in the video below is being truthful.  PRESS HERE for DNA proof.

I also have heard Brandy say that while she was on t.v. pretending to be as pure as the snow, she was out doing what everybody else was doing—-screwing around, drinking and so on. AND she faked a marriage to cover up the fact that she was a single mother.

So yes, this is a family with deep seeded issues and they are putting on a fake public persona.

That leads me back to RayJ. His reality show flopped. No one is interested in his “rap”. And he cannot sing.  He is a hangers on who tries to find fame at the expense of others—specifically, off the backs of women. He made awful comments to Bobby Brown about Whitney Houston.

Karrine Steffans recalls a phone call from Ray following Houston’s split with Brown.
‘He said, “Is Bob (Bobby Brown) still staying with you?” remembers Steffans. ‘I said, “Yeah, he’s right here.”
‘And Ray said, “Tell him I f***ed both of his chicks, you and now his wife.”


IF true (and I happen to believe it is) what does that say about his respect for women? There is a pattern here.

Today the news broke that this Ray J character has come out with another of his “raps”. The lyrics are towards Kim Kardashian:

She migt move on to rappers and ballplayers
 but we all know I hit it first.
I had her head going North and her ass going South
 But now baby chose to go West
No matter where she goes or who she knows
 she still belongs in my bed.

Question. Other than trolling this woman, stalking her and following her every move in an attempt to torment her, what is the purpose? She probably has not seen or thought about this man in 6 years.  She has been married and has had relationships since she broke up with that creep.

Most women can think of a jerk from the past that never should have gotten a “hello”, much less a phone number. Most women have made bad relationship choices. Fortunately very few women have a tape floating out there on the internet to follow her for the rest of her days!

Can you imagine moving on with your life from a bad relationship and having the weirdo from the past follow you around, bringing up the past, posting old love letters, etc.? That would be hateful and sick.
I wonder how Ray J would feel if Mrs. Norwoods’ first boyfriend showed up to blast their business all over the internet and to share sordid details?
How would he feel if Brandy’s first boyfriend showed up to constantly torment her about their former relationship and to share intimate details?
Something is horribly wrong with Ray J. Clearly he is a miserable person. But as I said, the family has issues.

Check out the half brother’s video:

I first reported on this freak and demon HERE.

See the update. It’s very hard keeping up with these false ministers of satan:

By the way, at least one of his victims said that he reported the rape to “pastor” Robert Lee Manaway with no results or help.

Thanks to the website, Pimp Preacher for update on this clown.

A man is accused of pretending to be a young girl on the Internet so he could molest young boys. Antoine Johnson was a former mentor for Hebron Baptist Church and received a life sentence for his actions. The fake girl’s name was Kristen, and she would promise to fulfill the sexual fantasies of every boy she met online.

Kristens main demand of the boys was that they have sex with her male friend in order to prove their loyalty. Johnson met one of the boys at 2 am at his house, and they had oral sex in his driveway. The judge, Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Timothy Hamil, called the scheme “absolutely diabolical” and gave Johnson a life sentence for his crime. The prosecutor said that he’s never seen anything like this in the past, and that this was a “peek inside the mind of a pedophile.”

??? – I am disappointed that the boys in this case did not cut this FREAK off in terms of communication. The judge threw the book at this pervert, giving him a life sentence, plus 60 years probation.

I’d like to see pedophiles put to sleep like the rabid dogs that they are.


Thanks to Escaped Slave for lead

Listen carefully. This CREEPY character, Sandusky said that he did not go around seeking sex from “all” the young men that he worked with. That would suggest that he did seek sex from “some” of them. I heard on the news yesterday that one mother wondered why her son kept coming home without his underwear on. That mother should be arrested for neglect! Why on earth did she send him back? Was she that much in a rush to dump her child off with this funny looking crackpot?

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