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No wonder Paris Jackson is trying to commit suicide. This girl is lost and needs intense prayer and an encounter with the REAL Jesus. Mrs. Jackson at her age does not need this serious problem.

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To this day he is happy that Malcolm was killed. In fact, he employed at least one of the men who killed Malcolm once the guy was released. He’ll answer to this one day. The wheels of God grind slowly…but not a kernel is missed.


We won’t even address how this Baptist church ended up being called “St. Michael’s” and don’t ask me who St. Michael is, please. I’d feel better if it were named after the Apostle, Peter if they must name it after a man.

Instead of concentrating on the Catholic name for this Baptist church, I’d like to concentrate on the confusion and mayhem. That’s not the first church fight that I’ve highlighted here in Hicktown and it’s certainly not the most dramatic fight. From memory, the most dramatic was between a male and female in front of a church. But I just want you all to see what happens when the Holy Spirit is pushed out of the church and satan is allowed to take complete control..

Let me be perfectly clear. God is watching this mess but he is not involved in this mess. That’s the devil himself that you are witnessing with all this confusion. I would not send my dog to that church at this point.

St. Michael’s Baptist Church, SHAME on you!

Hat tip to Pimp Preacher website for sending me this lead

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It’s about time that this cult leader (who proclaimed himself “god”) has met the True Maker.

This guy has a lot to answer for. He led many a gullible person to misery and hell and destroyed many a family.



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Romney is a staunch Mormon and he believes that blacks are cursed. Check this out:

BUT….beyond their bizarre beliefs on blacks, Mormonism is a cult and we really don’t need such mess sitting in the White House. Look at this video below:

AND…this cartoon explains that cult best: