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I love to highlight young people who are doing great things. I first saw little Mo on the show, Shark Tank. Damon decided to take him under his wings to mentor him. Wow!

Here is little Mo whose ties are bringing in right now $150,000 a year. Also, Mo is a philanthropist, recently having given away over a $1,000 to a worthy cause. Go on with your bad self, Mo!

Visit Mo’s website HERE

Paula White and Randy White were once on top of the world. They had everyone fooled. Or did they? Is it possible that at one point they truly were sincere and truly did love the Lord? We’ll never know.

Several years ago, the couple shocked the Christian world when they announced that they were divorcing. And then…oddly….Paula White raised eyebrows when she moved to Texas and….***COUGH*** decided to “assist” another so-called pastor with his church, abandoning her own.

With Paula gone, the Church Without Walls declined steadily. The once huge congregation of 22,000 dwindled down to nothing. Act of man or Act of God? They have officially closed shop.

PRESS HERE for details about the closing.

PRESS HERE for other articles chronicling the downfall over the years.

PRESS HERE to hear Paula’s old pal, Rick Hawkins talk about his downfall.

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New Orleans: These street musicians, Tanya and Dorise make more money on the street than they would in a club (they say) and so that’s where they play most of the time. They are incredible!

The charge?

Solicitation of animals on Craigslist.

YES…you read it right. No, you need not check your eyeglasses or adjust your contacts. And no, you are not high.

Jerry Hall was arrested and released on $1,000 bail for solicitation of an animal for sex.

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty in America but he has some explaining to do….such as why did he meet the undercover officer in the place where he planned to meet him?

Protect your animals, everyone just as you protect your children. This is happening more and more often. Scriptures call it bestiality.

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