I love to highlight young people who are doing great things. I first saw little Mo on the show, Shark Tank. Damon decided to take him under his wings to mentor him. Wow!

Here is little Mo whose ties are bringing in right now $150,000 a year. Also, Mo is a philanthropist, recently having given away over a $1,000 to a worthy cause. Go on with your bad self, Mo!

Visit Mo’s website HERE

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New Orleans: These street musicians, Tanya and Dorise make more money on the street than they would in a club (they say) and so that’s where they play most of the time. They are incredible!

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Years ago I attended From the Heart Church in Maryland. Kathy Myers (now Horry) was the head of the music department with the voice of an angel.

I’ve long since left that church and joined my family’s church…and I’m married now.

Likewise, she left, got married and she is a pastor’s wife. But I’ll never forget this angelic voice.

Check it out