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By:  Lynn Green

UPDATE #1 :  The “good pastor” is now aware of this article and has set his MySpace page to “private”.  Are you surprised?  He can hide from humans but I DARE him to try to hide from JESUS!

UPDATE #2 : The “good pastor” appeared on Iyanla’s program. Check out the crocodile tear’s everyone!  PRESS HERE


If the accusations against Patrick Dennis are true, then there is a wicked, predatory wolf spirit on the loose at Bright Star Baptist Church of Louisiana.

Whew! satan is loose again! My husband just emailed me a court document that is almost unbelievable.

Bright Star Baptist Church of Louisiana is having a heck of a time getting an alleged womanizing, abusive pastor out of their lives. The so-called “pastor” is Patrick Dennis and he has allegedly been using his church like a spoiled kid in a candy store!


1. Long history of womanizing – Promised church that he would discontinue womanizing ways (he is married with children)

2. Allegedly dated a mother AND her daughter and impregnated the daughter! He then “kindly” paid for the daughter’s abortion.

3. A man in the church complained that Patrick Dennis was sleeping with his wife and had fathered a child by his wife (with DNA evidence!—so it’s no longer an allegation)

4. Uses various men of the church to drive him around as he solicits women for sex.

5. Letters are on file from women complaining about his rogue ways (so this is not an allegation).

6. Lots of money issues and misuse of funds (of course)

7. There were 22 Sundays in 2008 where he did not bother to preach (yet was paid) – So this is not an allegation but a fact.

8.  A person said that the “good pastor” attacked him with a baseball bat!

And it goes on and on and on…..

Pray for this church, as the spirit of a wolf has entered its midst and that wolf is terrorizing and devastating. I have covered such perverted pastors in the past so regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to hear about this situation.

This is what I want you all to do, though. Check out his MySpace page. Look at the pictures that women send to him. One woman sent a picture of her backside, bent over, thong showing. HELLO?

PRESS HERE to check out the explicit court documents on this alleged rogue!

P.S. – When you go to his MySpace page, a song called “I know the bible is right” will start to play. The words are IRONIC!  The first stanza talks about how you cannot get into heaven with both a “sweetheart and a wife”.

Whew!  Listen to that song, ya’ll.

Playing church and playing with the Living God!


  1. He looks very young to have a church of his own. I thought that younger preachers have to come up under the leadership of someone else who will serve as their mentor so to speak. I know the church I was raised in did this, but can’t speak for other denominations.

  2. all i can say is umph, umph, umph…unbelievable…with his own words he seals his fate and judges him…”I know the bible is right”, well….

  3. Do these wolves think that God is deaf, blind and dumb??? What exactly do they think the end result of their actions is going to be??? How long do they think that God is going to allow them to pillage His church??? Every single evil and vile act that he has committed in that church has been a direct attack on God. He needs to really listen and adhere to that song on his MySpace page. If the bible is truly right (and it is!) then he is in some serious trouble. This was a VERY disturbing article.

    One more thing…,
    Why are those people still sitting up under this farce of a pastor???

  4. @ Diva – If you look at the false shepherds section, many of the rogues highlighted are under 50. Age has nothing to do with a rogue, wicked spirit.

    @ Oregon – He is playing games with the Living God. Reprobate.

    @ DeeLove – As they get away with their dirt, they become more and more bold. He has a long history of preying on women and even made a promise that he would not prey on that church —which of course he broke immediately. The fact that he slept with both a mother and daughter and paid for the daughter’s abortion (allegedly) tells you the depths of his sickness.

    The entire church is a victim of this dangerous man and the deacons are doing their part to get him out of their lives forever, thus the lawsuit.

  5. While this excuse for a shepherd is 100% responsible for his ungodly behavior, the sheep that sit in the midst of this religious dung are not guiltless. Unless it is an innocent child those women are not victims! The leaders that cover this mess up are not victims! It is time for the Body of Christ to take responsibility! What use is there in rebuking the whoremonger in the pulpit if the whore and the ones that cover it up remain in the pew!

  6. Right now I am not taking any pressure off of the predator. At this time 100% of my focus is on a predator who is allegedly using his position of authority to abuse the church.

    If a man is called to pastor (which he might be), that man has an anointing on him that God does not take away, as God does not recall the gifts he gives us.

    Weaker women will be drawn to the anointing power. He is taking advantage of his position as he has impregnated several members AND this is a recurring problem.

    So let’s be clear that the focus of this particular article is on the predator as opposed to the prey.

    The church is not taking this laying down. Check the report they filed against him. That is all they can do right now.

  7. Lynn, I am with you all the way! Ride or die! We should NOT let up on this monster one bit! But I will never forget that monster (David T Cash Jr) who stood by in the bathroom while his friend, another monster (Jeremy Strohmeyer) raped and murdered 7 year old Sherrice Iverson. Cash was never prosecuted because while it was certainly immoral, it was not illegal in 1997 to witness a child being raped. At some point THE CHURCH MUST hold monsters like Cash accountable as well or the cycle of pastoral rape and abuse will continue!!!

  8. The reason I have compassion for this church is because if you read the lawsuit document that I attached, this church is doing every legal thing they can to get rid of this alleged rogue.

    They are not holding him up in his sin. In fact, short of taking matters into their own hands, I really don’t know what else this church can do.

    They have taken it to the court system, which is smart. I am sure they have had church meetings to warn families to steer clear of this dangerous wolf. Remember, women are writing letters to the church seeking help!

    I’ll get on a church hard if I think they are wrong. But this is clearly a church that has fallen victim to a foul wolf spirit.

  9. The response of the leaders and members of Bright Star Baptist Church to the alleged crimes of their pastor, Patrick Dennis deserves applause. They should be held up as an example!

    They would NOT be having such a hard time getting rid of this beast if more churches would do likewise! It is sad that getting rid of an OBVIOUS wolf is met with so much opposition!

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  12. heavyhearted62

    This is awful, yes Pastor Dennis is a wolf and he is killing the sheep of the flock. DestinysLady said it right: it would not be so hard to get rid of this beast if more churches would do likewise and expose these corrupt pastors and preachers.

  13. HeavyHearted,

    What is the update. Is he still preaching or has he been stopped yet?

  14. Member of Bright Star Baptist Church

    This Wolf is really headed down a road of destruction. He has stood and stated he has been in the ministry for twenty years, yet on Sundays he would give the congregation internet sermons for their Sunday feeding of the souls which never made a whole lot of sense to those that study their word and has the gift of understanding what the word means.

    In Revelation it speaks about the imps that God allowed satan to let out to get all that will follow him. What better plae to try than the church. And the Imp is in Bright Star.

    All these things you are reading are true, not made up he has been able to keep his dignity and intergity because he was always slapped on the wrist by the some of the Deacons. Not all Deacons agreed with his wicked ways and wanted to dismiss his many many years ago. It was always stated as long as he doesn’t get his hands on the money Bright Star will be fine.

    This pastor has made many negative remarks from the pulpit toward the Deacons, he has been disrespectful to the elders in the church. The Elders are Wisdom and Knowledge.

    Some of the Elders that are following and supporting him he has wanted to take them off committees because they were to old. Some are following that he has used for his own personal gain. And the kicker is they are following man and not God.

    What is so sad, he text these followers and basically dictate to them what they should and should not do. And of course they do it.

    If he text don’t go to church, they will do it.
    If he text don’t pay any money in the church, they will do it.
    Remember Jim Jones, well he is rising again because of these followers and if they don’t pick up their Bibles, ask God to give them Understanding of his word. I am afraid they will be lost in the wilderness, because this wolf is going to mismanage their funds, not attend to them and speak to the as thou they are fools.

    His recent money scam on last Tuesday, he went to the Minister Alliance cried and lied that he was not getting a salary from Bright Star. These Men of God rasied $4,000 and gave to him. In the court order on courthousenews.com it states Bright Star is ordered to pay Patrick Dennis $1,000 each Sunday. And he is not preaching he has been banded from the pulpit until after the vote on March 28, 2009.

    What is the so shocking this preacher has gone against all the commandments of the Bible.

    In Jeremiah 23 the Bible tells the pastor not to divide his house, this Wolf is doing that each Sunday. I wonder if the followers picked up their Bible and read that.

    In 1 Cornithians 5 the Bible tells about church discipline, the wolf has disregarded that at all cost. I wondered if his followers picked up their Bible and read that.

    The wolf has broken all of the ten commandements. I wondered if his followers picked up their Bible and read that.

    The wolf has been exposed each week. This is not something that the enemy is doing. This is being done because of the bad choices the wolf has made.

    I ask his followers of the wolf these questions:
    What if the wolf slept with your daughter, got her pregnant and then asked her to abort the pregnancy? Would you still being following the wolf?

    What if the wolf had hit your son or daughter with a baseball bat out of range for money? Would you be following him?
    Please note he was arrested for hitting the member with the baseball bat. The wolf hit first and continue to swing at the member until a Deacon called on the Name of Jesus three times at which time the wolf released the bat.

    Bright Star needs a Change and the Change is Now.
    Barack talked about Change his entire campaign.
    We no longer have to stay in the this situation, we as members of Bright Star can vote to remove the wolf and move forward to Greater and Better things.

    Let those who wish to follow him leave with him and be led under his direction in another location.

    Bright Star will no longer will be bound by lies, deciet, incess, manipulation, murder, adulterous, two face, evil, disuption, and the ungodly wolf.

    Come out March 28, 2009, 6-8pm and VOTE to save Bright Star Baptist Church of America, Inc. Secret Ballot Voting.

    We are Moving in a new direction and it will not be with Patrick Dennis.

    We ask the believers to clamp on to our VICTORY we have named and claimed. Everything is in God’s hand and he will show Patrck Dennis on March 28, 2009 that he has played a little too long and he will be removed.


  15. Oh….my…..goodness!

    Forgiven, I want to thank you for your bravery in answering my call and stepping forward to speak about the wolf and how he has attacked that church.

    You stated: What if the wolf had hit your son or daughter with a baseball bat out of range for money? Would you be following him?

    Please note he was arrested for hitting the member with the baseball bat. The wolf hit first and continue to swing at the member until a Deacon called on the Name of Jesus three times at which time the wolf released the bat.

    You are saying that it was not until a deacon called on the name of Jesus SEVERAL TIMES that the wolf discontinued his battery with the bat? And the wolf is out free? he could have murdered that victim.

    The fact that the wolf is still able to manipulate strings says it all.

    Right now….I speak the blood of Jesus AGAINST THE WOLF. I rebuke that wicked spirit and the demon behind it in the name of Jesus.

    Saints, it’s prayer time. This is real. Those of you who know the Word of the Lord, PRAY.

    Now, we don’t need a whole lot of saints, by the way. The bible says that ONE can chase a thousand and TWO can chase 10,000.

    Is there a born again Christian out there who is willing to join me in prayer against that wolf?

  16. I with you Lynn! And to the members of this church know that the saints of God are joining you in prayer!

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  18. Um, did anyone happen to see the Good ‘Pastor’ on Iyanla’s Fix My Life on the OWN channel this past Saturday?

    When he said his name, I kept saying,”Where did I hear that name before?” and I did an archive search here and the articles jogged my memory. They didn’t go into too much detail about his sordid past, such as him sleeping with the mother and daughter and paying for the daughter’s abortion, but he did admit on camera to sleeping with numerous women (he claims it was about 20 – 10 inside the church and 10 outside the church). His wife, who moved out and was separated from him for about 8 months, ultimately decided to leave him at the end of the show and said that he was bringing a lot of these women into their HOME and sleeping with them while she was at work.

    It was a very good show and I am surprised that he still continues to Pastor given his history. His church must not report to a confernece or a Bishop, because honestly I can’t see how someone like him who has made negative headlines since 2009 and recently appeared on a primetime TV show to air his dirty laundry is still allowed to Pastor a congregation.

    He did admit to being molested as a 7 year old boy and I do hope he gets help for that because it seems like he has carried that hurt into his adult life and uses that hurt to perpetrate even more hurt among others.

  19. My cousin mentioned that she saw a DOG false minister over the weekend on the OWN channel.

    Now Diva….you should have KNOWN that that rogue had been highlighted here. LOL

  20. Want to see something scary? This wolf is STILL in office with weak idiots following him:


  21. I’m not surprised he’s still “Pastoring” because at the end of the show they said that his church elected to keep him on as Pastor. It is amazing what some folk will sit under and subject themselves to.

  22. I KNEW I’d heard this man’s name before! I read about him and his baseball bat on this site several years ago. Lawd have mercy, Jesus! I went into the OWN show with an open mind. But when his wife said he would bring women to the house while she was at work, I was done. DONE. Who does this?! This man has no business pastoring a church. He needs years of intensive therapy, IMO. The wife was crazy to put up with him for ten years. But I’m glad she finally found the strength to get out of that sham marriage. (“You can forgive him from another address!” LOL) I didn’t feel sorry for anyone involved except the children. Especially the one he had with the church member.

    And to the church members who wanted him to stay instead of sitting down for a season and getting healed– Shame on all of you.

  23. I agree Lisa, I feel sorry for his children. His eldest son is old enough to know what is going on and I’m sure he endures ridicule from his father’s antics that end up in the news and on the internet and especially after his parents appearing on that show and putting even more of their business out in the streets.

    And shame on the desperate women who willingly went into this Pastor and his wife’s HOME to have sex with this married Pastor. They all knew what they were doing and from the sounds of it, it seems like they are in competition with each other to see who can be the Pastor’s number 1 jumpoff or new First Lady. If any of those women thought or are thinking he will marry them and commit to them, they have another thing coming. SMH

    That man is clearly a narcissist and even with him blaming his issues on his molestation as a child, as Iyanla pointed out, there is a part of him that is dead that he has engaged in this behavior for years and never felt it was wrong.