Okay, watch the video and then return so that we may discuss this nonsense:

You watched it? Good.

Um…where exactly do I start?

1. This black woman saved up $8,000 so that she could take a trip to Panama to have them put permanent blue color in her eyes.

2. Although she mentioned that there was another $2,000 added on to make it $10,000 what she DID NOT mention was the fact that she had to pay airfare and hotel expenses. Also, clearly she took off time from work to have that procedure performed.

Is this where black women are? Is this what we have come to? I have been tracking a group of nutty black women on the internet who have started a cult called the FASUM. The purpose of the cult is to convince black women to “leave” the black race, stop calling themselves black and to hunt down a white man to marry. It’s really embarrassing.

Last month I showed a picture of a group of them standing in line at a conference hoping to find white men to meet. Sadly, white men were not interested in attending so it ended up being a group of desperate black hens chasing down white men. They were stood up. Again, embarrassing.

Sisters, we don’t have time to crack up. I’m very serious here. Somebody in the black race needs to stay sane.

One thing I don’t play with is my eyes. I need to be able to see so I don’t play with my eyes. I remember back in the 1990’s when colored contacts were in style. I’d see black women as dark as that street out there with blue and green contacts in their eyes, hair weaves, and strutting down the street looking like clowns.

Then, I remember eye doctors coming on t.v. warning women that those colored contacts are not safe and they often lead to infections, etc. Did black women care? No! They were willing to risk their sight to have those blue and green eyes. Very, very sad.

When will the indoctrination end?

I have zero sympathy for the woman in the video above. $10,000 + dollars to get permanent eye color? And now she looks like a witch and might go blind? When will it end?

For the record, PLEASE don’t have anyone put any dye, etc. in your eyes! Gee wiz!

Hat tip to Greg for lead


  1. boys and girls can we altogether say “ignorant”…how do you spell that IGNANT!:)

  2. It goes beyond ignorant. It goes to self hatred. This is disturbing. She risked her eye sight to have blue eyes.

  3. Sorry, but she deserves what she got. She also traveled to a European country, to get breast implants. The woman is too vain and if she keeps it up, it will have disastrous effects. Well, she isn’t out of the woods yet on her eyesight.

  4. She said she got ripped off. How? she desired to have something that she knew was near impossible unless you are an albino. Now she is at risk of going blind. I’m sorry but I have no pity for her. Now she is whinning about what she could have done with that money? Also, how on earth is she comparing a car to destroying your sight on purpose to change how you look? Since she was able to save of money for that foolishness, she needs to save up money for a seeing eye dog and braille lessons.

  5. I don’t see how anyone could think that a procedure involving your eyes is not risky???? She is about as bad as these women who get the vaginal surgery to restore their hymen to make it seem like they are virgins… again.

    There are just some surgeries that God did not mean for us to have. These would be two of them. sheesh!

  6. Well, I find it extremely disheartening that Black women want to go out and get their eyes a different colour in order to look White. I equate this to Black women going out and getting blonde weaves, which do not suit Black women. You do not see White women going out and getting their eyes dyed black do you? Black women, love yourselves and stop this foolishness of wanting to look White. We are not and can never be and personally, I wouldn’t wan to be. we are beautiful the way we are. LOVE YOURSELF. You are fine the way God made you!

    Sometimes vanity can be our worst enemy. Some women have died on the operating table while trying to have unnecessary medical procedures in the quest to look more desirable and beautiful….tummy tuck, breast implants, botox, diet pills etc. The list is endless.

    This is a beautiful and good looking girl, only goodness knows what possessed her to go and get this procedure done.

    Now, I am short sighted, this is an inherited condition and I used to wear glasses but I now mostly wear contact lenses, I have researched laser eye surgery now for a period of about 10 years and I am still not 100% sure whether I want to to get this procedure or not. So, I find it very odd that this girl who has nothing wrong with her eyes goes off without doing the proper due diligence and research, to a foreign country to go and get this eye procedure with only minimal information. Well, I can’t really say anything mean because I have got myself into foolish situations too in the past. But, anything that will have an impact on a person’s health needs to be thoroughly investigated very carefully. This investigation could simply be to talk to a number of people such as Specialists and Consultants in the field to find out what the procedure involves as well as the risks, particularly when visiting a foreign country for these procedures. In a foreign country, there are so many things to consider such as hygiene, specialist knowledge (or lack thereof), accountability. Also don’t forget that some of these so called experts want to grab your money and prey on the patient’s insecurities and desperation for the procedure. It’s a way for them to make a quick buck.

    I just hope everything works out for her. I feel sorry for her.

    @ Yvette,
    Albinos are no different to normal people, so I doubt this procedure is safe for anyone, to be honest. Also, my paternal grandmother was an albino, so I know what I am talking about. I don’t know why people seem to think albinos are different to normal people. The difference is a lack of pigmentation in the skin and hair mostly. Albinos are normal people just like you and I.

  7. Hello Moral of the Story. You’ve signed the board before but under a different name, I believe.

    You should choose one name and stick with it so that people will get to know who you are.

    You are wise to take your time with the laser surgery. Choose a doctor who has performed hundreds of those surgeries.

    @ Deputy Diva – You did not feel like signing in? LOL

  8. Moral of the story, I was not trying to offend anyone. but my point WAS that the only way that most blacks have blue eyes is if they are albino. I’m not stupid, I am well aware of why a person who this genetic disorder.

  9. I don’t know what happened. I thought I had signed in. LOL

  10. The trend has spread across the pond – the link is of a story in the British press last week.


  11. Outstanding tip and link and followup, Disciple4ever! Thanks—I appreciate that.


  12. There is apparently a crisis with black women who are cracking up, trying to be white.

    Now what on earth is that chick doing leaving her THREE children behind while she flies her single-mamma behind off to Panama to get some blue eyes put in?

    Don’t these fools understand that blue and green eyes—like blonde hair, is a RECESSIVE gene trait?

    She risked going blind to have something that white women have. That is beyond insane. Took money from her savings. What about a college account for her THREE children?

  13. You’re welcome.
    I live on the other side of the pond (UK) and have been visiting your site for about a year. I saw the UK story last week and wondered how long it would be before it was picked up by others.

    Keep up the good work – your site is informative, thought-provoking and inspirational.

    Peace & blessings.

  14. It’s so fun to bash black women, isn’t it? When stuff like this comes up, just once I’d like to see if anyone wonders WHY these women do stupid stuff like this and where this self-hatred comes from?

  15. I’m not a psychiatrist so I have no idea where the mental disorder comes from that would cause a woman to spend thousands to have her eyes dyed.

    However, it goes beyond race. Plenty of folks of other races obsessed with plastic surgery.

  16. @Nells, actually I do wonder what causes one (be they black, white or other) to do as they do. Other than the obvious – low self esteem – it goes much deeper and usually has to do with unmet emotional needs. Ultimately, they need healing/deliverance but one MUST know the Jesus Christ for that.

  17. Well… I was born black, born a female, and born with beautiful dark eyes. I intend to die black, female and with the same beautiful dark eyes. I am beautiful just as I am and have no desire to acquire white characteristics. Something is wrong with this child and it’s not her eyes it’s in her brain. God gave us what we needed and who are we to question his perfect work. Black women don’t fall for this mess. Love yourselves in whatever form he created you to be.

  18. Ms Lynn you have a sense of innocence about you. Its all good. I guess you are from a place and time where we assumed certain things. Me too, but circumstances and situations made me wise up. I see you are catching on fast or I think you knew but just your good nature refused to believe so many can be so reckless and silly.

    I guess what they tried to pretend was self expression is now being exposed as hatred, self hatred.

  19. Ugh! She looks like children of the corn.

  20. The thing is, if she really wanted blue eyes she should have got some coloured contact lenses. As a black woman myself, I have never believed in turning our eyes blue, any other colour is fine, but blue takes is way 2 far. I find this story very sad, especially because she saved up soo much money for this cosmetic procedure. I think what a lot of us don’t do is, research these procedure’s enough.