There is a scripture that says, “Be anxious for nothing….”

Those of you who are lining up early for Black Friday need to relax. No amount of money is worth the stampede. It’s all “stuff” and it all will rot, break, fade away…..

If I’m going to get that excited, I’d much rather it be over Jesus. Sorry, just had to state the facts. Where will I be on Black Friday? Probably watching t.v. and shaking my head at the stampedes over stuff:


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    I agree. It’s just stuff…

  2. Yahoo posted a very good article about the hype about Black Friday. Instead of standing in line for “deals” I plan on going through my closet and giving away things that I have never used, can’t fit, or things I just dont want anymore

  3. The insanity has begun. A woman in California has pepper sprayed fellow shoppers!

  4. While people in other countries fight for food, freedom, & survival we Americans our,fighting over a 50 inch flat screen.

  5. I used to do the “black friday” deals until it dawned on me that most of that will be on sale later. The item you are looking for may be a little bit higher, but it beats missing sleep and the headache of the large mobs.

  6. This nutcase has turned herself in but her name has not yet been released: