Bishop I.V. Hilliard of New Light Church in Houston deserves credit for not taking part in a farce. Hilliard was chosen to help select a new pastor for Zachery Tims’ church.

Check this out:

“I was asked to be a part of a four bishop council, a committee of four bishops that would give wisdom and council and guidance to the board during their selection process,” Hilliard said.

In a special announcement, Hilliard spoke openly about his decision.
“Now after being involved for some time in the process, I have decided to resign my position in this bishop’s council. Now my commitment to integrity will not allow me to support something that I believe is deceptive and that compromises previously agreed upon procedures and protocol.” source

In other words, the “council” was formed as a smokescreen. Truth of the matter is, the powers that be— probably ruled by the devil himself, already knew who the new pastor would be prior to putting together this bishop council. Hilliard decided not to join in on the smoke and mirrors dog-and-pony show and good for him!

I would like to know where God is in all this. Was He sought? Obviously not. So another wolf, another snake, is going to slither up into the pulpit in Zachery Tims’ place and continue the conniving, slick method of “preaching” and “teaching” that he was famous for—all while enjoying the “powdery substance” that ultimately took him out of here.
Heaven help us!


  1. God is not being sought. Yes there is prayer but nothing more toward God. Why else would you put a twice divorced adulterer into the position. She does not even come in the ballpark of meetings God’s requirements for leadership (1 Tim 3:1-7). Her home is a wreck, she is not thought of well in the Tampa area, did I mention two divorces. Well I could go into more detail but there is no need. This whole group exemplifies the old adage of “there is no honor among thieves”

  2. If the rumors are right, it will be Paula White….but doesn’t she have a church?

  3. Wasn’t her “spiritual father” part of the board? Maybe this church will be placed under his umbrella like the church in Denver.

  4. Which spiritual father? These people have so many “fathers” and “sons” it’s hard to keep up.

  5. I thought a Bishop had to be voted on by the congregation? Or is that only in certain denominations?

  6. Apparently a group of bishops were lending guidance in choosing a pastor to replace Zachery Tims. But slewfoot has taken over.

  7. This guy seem a little fruity patootie to anyone?

  8. No, seems fine in terms of his masculinity.

  9. I’m grateful that this bishop is walking in the true calling of a Bishop and stood for righteousness in the midst of manipulation and people’s approval. Whoever the other”bishops” were; I hope they also had the courage to say that the process was not of God. Blameless,husband of ONE wife, etc. this man IV Hilliard fit that qualification WELL. Now that is real apostolic authority!

  10. Reading about this entire story over a entire day, grounded my personal reasonings on why I firmly believe “The Church Begins and Ends with You”.

    My late Mother always used to say “Church is within your heart” and in reality, I believe what’s each individuals’ human heart is what God will judge.

    Not how long one attended a “mega-church”, how much money was given to “pastor and his wife” or “how often you showed up for the show” (in half of all church, a show is exactly what most of it is, on Sunday mornings).

    Your heart and belief that God is your savior is (in my strong humble opinion) is what’s required to allow one to meet his Most Holy. The rest, along with the various interpretations of the Bible, will be left for disagreement and discussion until the end of time.

    Back to the point of the Rise and Fall of the Late Pastor Zachary Tims, the continuing battle over leadership of New Destiny Christian Center and its’ now Pastor, Paula White.

    As for the Late Pastor Z. Tims, it seem as if members of the religious community would have been concerned about his behaviors, long before he was found decreased with a “white powered” like substance in a NY hotel room.

    Let’s examine his rise to fame. Going from his humble beginnings in Baltimore (and past), he probably carried a Charisma-Type behavior in his daily interactions that was “charm like”. As a former correctional officer, I can remember easily many inmates and those formerly of the “lifestyle” taking “Lesson-101 Charm School-Outside These Walls” and, master the course to well cover up the dirt underneath.

    From there, using Pastor Z. Tims ability to charm and build a religious following, he became a top-sought after leader in the Christian community. I’m sure making money along the way, with living a daily lifestyle beyond many of the members of New Destiny Christian Center.

    Back to the dirt underneath. Its’ hard to believe that Pastor Tims just decided on August 12th, to use drugs up point of his death. In fact, knowing those who engage in using illegal substances on this level, Pastor Tims drug addiction was either kept “undercover” for awhile and, signs church members believed point to “something not right in Denmark” were ignored.

    Who would be the first to openly question the Pastor using drugs before Sunday Services, during the middle of the services themselves? No one!

    Moving on, Ms. Tims knew something was wrong also. The affair she uncomfortably was a victim within, wasn’t the first time she probably felt something out of sorts with the marriage. To tell the congregation about this openly…well, how about never. Not until stories of the third party in their marriage was too embarrassing for cover up and clearly defied the vows of marriage.

    And now New Destiny’s pastor Paula White.

    Well, that’s a story that would needs its on blog post in itself. Lucky, I’m a blogger, so I wouldn’t take up too much more space on this resource here…..except to say, if one can’t manage to straighten out their own home(church)….how can she lead another? Just saying the truth here.

    In the end, it leaves individuals like myself, who don’t attend churches due to scandals or similar questionable actions like these, believing we’re right to follow our OWN path to God.

    That’s what I pass to my now-young adult children and to others I meet on a daily basis. Putting Faith within any Man or Woman, is a path bound for disappointment and failure.

    Monica RW
    ROJS News