1. Rolling my eyes at this mess.

  2. This man is all drama. It’s almost worse than a soap opera.

  3. When is this farce ending?

  4. Soap opera is right.
    It has a cast that knows how to act in a drama (Eddie Long, Creflo “gimmie your last” Dollar)

    It deals with millions of dollars, lavish vacations & cars.

    Plot twist involving the accuser dealing drugs, blogs getting shut down, and videos exposing the truth.

    This may rival the “Bynum vs Weeks show”

  5. Yes, the Long soap opera definitely rivals the Bynum-Weeks saga!

  6. He supposedly fell out under an “anointing”. Anointing?? I thought one of the demons that he’s been tangling with had come along and conked him in the head!

  7. He needs to get up for his “carpet” comes off.

  8. I was wondering about that wig too, CeCe. I guess it’s sewn in well.

  9. Escaped Slave

    I fell out too. I dam near fell out of my chair laughing at this B.S.

  10. pastor eddie is man of god no doubt ,jesus was accuse too,be still and know that he is god,church members please support man of god ,love u pastor…

  11. (I know this may be a drive by commenter but I will ask anyway)

    Hey Jan, I am having trouble finding the scripture were Jesus bank rolls his accusers so that the truth won’t come out.

    It most be in the book of Fabrication 2:16.

  12. LOL @ Cop!

  13. @Cop HILARIOUS!

  14. I just want to cry knowing this faggot is still standing and his sheep are still dumb. This hurts the heart of those who deeply love and are committed to the cause of Christ.

  15. he who is without sin ,cast the first stone.He needs our prayer and he needs to step down and sit down.this is a sign for all these churches whose members stop following God and start talking about pastor.pastors stop getting caught up with worldly possesions and teach about everlasting life.Remember where your treasure is ,your heart is there too.

  16. GAC, what exactly does the scripture regarding “he without sin” have to do with this article? Are you suggesting that blogs, news outlets, etc. should ignore the antics of these people who are up in pulpits acting a fool?

  17. ”Remember where your treasure is, your heart is there too?” Was this question addressed to Long?

  18. @ Gac

    I don’t believe anyone is condemning Eddie Long (casting stones), HOWEVER

    It is smart and biblical (Acts 17:11) to question his behavior as the leader of the church.

    Any pastor that can’t be questioned and has no accountability is a danger to himself and the congregation.