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He pleaded guilty in 2009, and after he got out of prison he started preaching at Christ Missionary Tabernacle Baptist Church.

He’s on probation as a sex offender, and some protesters pointed out that he should not be around children.

His new church is holding an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, and some are saying Gilyard cannot host it because he’s a sex offender.

But Gilyard’s lawyer convinced a judge to modify the probation so he can “minister to children under the age of 18 as long as the children are supervised by an adult other than the defendant.”

The State Attorney’s Office did not object to the change.

GO HERE for the looooong list of this convicted “minister’s” violations against women and girls.

I recently shared stories of two young black men, both of whom were accepted to ivy league universities and who made the choice to do wonderful, constructive things with their lives.

Today, I read about Brandon Spencer. He is within the age range of the two ivy leaguers but his choices were different. It’s possible that he is equally as intelligent or even more so. But at this point it does not matter. He has thrown away his life.

What did he do to earn 40 years in the lock up? This idiot shot into a crowd of college students on the USC campus. Seems he had run into a rival gang member. And that one act of foolery has taken away his youth.

Lord….the choices we make! Self imposed slavery

As a born again Christian, I look at suicide differently than those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. And of course there are those who have accepted Him, but they do not abide in Him. They are not attached to His root. They simply believe in Him at a distance.

I happen to believe in the Lord up close, personal…intimately.

It is against that backdrop that I will say that suicide is never the answer. The Word of God says that our bodies are temples of the Living God and that we will never own our own bodies. As single people, the Holy Spirit owns our bodies. And once we marry, our bodies belong to our spouse. That’s scripture and I believe it. So we cannot just do whatever we want with our temples, believing that in so doing, we are doing it to something we own.

Anyone who has been on Facebook today more than likely heard about the suicide of a young woman named Karyn Washington, a 22 year old beautiful black woman who founded the website, www.forbrowngirls.com.

I had never heard of her before, but from reading articles, I discovered the following:

a. She suffered depression and mental illness

b. She recently lost her mother

That’s all I know about her mental state. However, I DO know some things about her based on inference.

a. Because she started a blog and Facebook page dedicated to uplifting dark skinned black women in particular, I infer that she had some issues around her chocolate brown skin.

b. Because her Facebook page posts pictures of beautiful dark skinned black women, I infer that she had a need to see such women as a reminder to herself that dark skin is beautiful indeed.

c. Because at some point she started yet another website highlighting pictures of dark skinned black women wearing red lipstick, I infer that she had a need to prove that black women with dark skin indeed do look good in red lipstick.

So I have concluded that this young lady was dealing with a lot. It’s possible that as a little girl, she was called names regarding her dark skin. But whatever her situation, clearly she was not comfortable in her own skin.

At 22, she had a whole life in which she was going to need to live in her beautiful brown skin. I have no idea why some darker skinned people are uncomfortable or feel ugly based on skin color. I wish it were not so but our sick society has dark skinned people convinced that their skin is an issue…a negative one at that.

It is heart breaking that she felt no other way out, no other options. It is painful that such a young, beautiful lady felt that she could not go on.

If you are reading this and for whatever reason, you feel a need to stop living, to take your life. Please remember that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost. It belongs to God, not to you. And if you are married, it belongs to your spouse.

Suicide does not end problems. In fact, suicide makes problems permanent because the spirit does not ever die. If you need help, there is no shame in reaching out for help. See a counselor. See a psychiatrist. See your pastor. But for God’s sake, see someone who can help you.

Suicide will never solve your problems. PRESS HERE for a suicide hotline.

Go on with your bad self, Mr. 5.0 GPA and 2,100 on the SAT….and accepted to IVY LEAGUES schools….and great at sports….um and plays several instruments!

Let’s keep showing THIS side of the black community!

I recently reported on Kwasi Enin, another young black male who has been accepted to multiple IVY LEAGUE schools. PRESS HERE to read about Kwasi.