Although I certainly am not a fan of this group of Republicans, I have to agree that this most recent slew of debates have been questionable. I am interested in policy. Some of the questions the candidates are being asked are nonsense at best and disrespectful. I turned the chanel on the last one. It was silly and a waste of my time.

Anderson Cooper was excellent when he hosted the Democrats. But some of these other “journalists” have been just awful—-in particular the ones hosting the Republican debates.


This man CANNOT preach. He is pathetic. The sermon below has him preaching comfort, yet he certainly did not offer any comfort to the young man he is accused of killing. LINK

He has been accused of adultery and of killing the husband of the woman with whom he was having an affair. The affair accusation has not yet been proven but that’s what is in the media.

I will say this. I have no idea why anyone would go to hear him “preach”.

I don’t believe it. I don’t believe he raped thousands of women. In fact, what I do believe is that he is a womanizer and his sins have caught up with him. I also believe that he offered drugs to women but I do not believe that he did anything shady. In short, I believe that the women who slept with him did so of their own choice and that now they want to be paid for their services.

Check this out. It’s an article about the slippery background of some of Cosby’s accusers. LINK