UPDATE: I digged deeper. The “666” line of clothing has proven to be untrue. LINK HOWEVER, it IS true that he is wearing a dress in the photo below:


He has officially earned HickTown’s BOZO THE CLOWN AWARD. Congrats!

OH….and don’t forget to read about his new “fashion” line. It’s called…..”666″. LINK

Does anyone have an update regarding how many years this pervert was sentenced to for molesting his own grandchildren? Weird case. This nut ball and fake man of God had molested his own children when they were small. YET, according to the defense attorney—his son actually turned his children over this this demonic freak based on the freak’s word that he was through attacking children. How dumb can you get? Irresponsible and crazy I’d call it.

In any event, this sicko was convicted back in January but I have not yet seen anything about his sentence.

I reported on this bum HERE.

But the long and short of it is, Eddie Long and a host of other pastors invited this snake into their congregations where he hoisted his obvious ponzi scheme upon members.

Not one minister or member (apparently) was spiritual enough to discern that the devil was in the house making a fool of God’s people. And common sense did not enter into the picture either.


This wicked, psychopathic creep has been sentenced to 20 years for the lives he ruined and ordered to pay $15.5 million in restitution. satan is busy and on the prowl. PRESS HERE